My Journey with Habitat

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My name is Haley Peterson and I wanted to share my journey so far with Habitat for Humanity!  This is my second summer volunteering with Habitat.  One of the main reason I was able to have the opportunity to volunteering here is because of a scholarship I receive from college.  I go to Mars Hill College, which will soon be Mars Hill University, and I am a Bonner Scholar there as well as a member of the Mars Hill Women’s Soccer team and a double major in biology and psychology. Mars Hill is located in the mountains near Asheville, NC. Through my Bonner Scholar I need to complete 140 hours of service hours each semester.  I also have to complete two summers of service work with 280 hours for each of the two summers.  The Bonner Scholar is to help support a student  who has a financial need for schooling and to help the student be actively involved with the community around them.  Throughout the program the students and supervisors participate in community service opportunities and social justice issues.


My first summer with having to do Bonner Scholar service work, I did not know what I was going to do.  My first placement that I was planning on working at had fell through and I was almost left without a placement until I had learned about Habitat for Humanity.  As soon as I had learned that there was one in my hometown, I found all the information I needed and called Melanie that day.  Melanie was very helpful, nice and very willing to work with me.  Even though it was very last minute, I was able to work with my supervisor and Melanie to get all the paperwork I needed filled out before I left to come home for the summer.


My very first experience with Habitat was with my freshman Bonner group.  We had an end of the year Freshman Bonner Retreat to Birmingham, Alabama.  We spent a week  there helping with a Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham Blitz Build where they built ten houses in one week.  This was the very first time I have helped with Habitat and I was able to learn one the things I would be doing during the summer.  And I absolutely loved it and I was so excited for my new journey with Cape Fear Habitat for the summer of 2012.


The first week I helped with Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity a collegiate group of students from Saint Joseph’s University.  It was a very long and hot week of working at the construction site everyday, but it was a lot of fun!  This was the best way for me to start my  journey with Habitat.  I was able to meet new people who were all super nice and willing to help out.  The first week I helped out was also the of the first weeks for the new site leaders.  While working with the collegiate group, they all made me feel apart of their group, even though I wasn’t.  Later that week,  a group of AmeriCorps came for a good portion of the summer.  Just like the collegiate group, the AmeriCorps made me feel apart of their group as well.


I had learned so much useful information the first few weeks on site thanks to the site leaders along with all the other volunteers who have been coming out for years.  Each one of them have came up to talk to me about my schooling and future plans before we started working for the day, on breaks, or when we were done, but once it was time to work, they all jumped right in and showed me the way to do each task the right way.  All of the volunteers have all been so extremely helpful and welcoming to me.  I am so very grateful to have had this opportunity to meet all of the regular volunteers!


Throughout my first summer I had worked between the construction sites, the ReStore, and the office.  At the Restore I helped clean the donations that had been dropped off at the store and then put them out on display.  I also would straighten up the aisles and talk to customers to answer any questions they might have had while in the store. In the office, I would help with different projects people had, such as making flyers for important dates coming up or calling future homeowners and many other tasks.  Everyone in the office and the ReStore have all been so very nice, helpful, welcoming and willing to teach me new aspects of what Habitat does.  At the construction site, I would help build various parts of the house, whether siding, sodding, building walls, putting in windows, etc.  I was able to help some with the Blitz build here at Prices Lane in 2012 where they built 5 houses in a week. This was another great experience I was able to help with.


I think one of the best part of volunteering with Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity is meeting the future/present homeowners and their families.  Hearing their stories and what they have been through makes it even more worthwhile of helping out.  All of their dedication they show while working on houses, even if it is not their own house, makes me glad to have joined the volunteer group here instead of somewhere else.    It also makes me want to be more involved with programs similar to Habitat to help those who need it.  Everyone who is a part of this program are all great people and I am so glad I have gotten the chance to work and continue working with them all.


This summer (summer of 2013)  I am back again to help out at the construction site, the ReStore, and the office.  I am very excited to be back again to help out at all three places!  And I am excited to see what the summer holds for me to continue my journey with Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity.

Cape Fear Habitat Announces Completion of Build America Habitat Home


Contact: Kitty Yerkes

910-762-4744 x102




(Wilmington, NC) –The nation celebrates Independence Day once a year, but Cape Fear Habitat For Humanity celebrates it a dozen times annually — every time a family buys a Habitat home. Please join Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity in celebrating the completion of the Build America project at the Dedication Ceremony for Ti and family on Sunday, June 9th at 2 PM. The ceremony will take place in Gideon Pointe at The Cottages at Cornerstone, Wilmington, NC 28405


Ti, a first-time home buyer, is also a proud member of the United States Army Reserves and a Detention Officer with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department.


How fitting that the owner of the Build America home is completely committed to protecting the safety of our community and the nation at large! Ti summarized the opportunity to become a homeowner saying, “This is my American dream.”


This project is an expression of the Habitat belief that everyone deserves a decent place to live, especially those serving our country. Many recognize that there is a huge gap in services for veterans, military personnel and their families, especially when it comes to safe, decent, and affordable housing. So this spring, Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity answered The Home Depot challenge to build homes made with American made products to benefit service men and women. The home will be completed in June and was built almost entirely with American made products.


The manufacturing origin of each item for the Build America home had to be researched to determine if it was indeed made in the USA. Some products were easier to find than others and came from various states and manufacturers.

Habitat for Humanity has a tried and tested partnership approach that makes families in need of shelter a key part of their own housing solution. We work hard with volunteers and donors who invest time and money into the partnership—so that families in need of housing, especially our military personnel, can help build, then buy, their own home on terms they can afford.


Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity has been able to meet the challenge of providing safe, decent, and affordable housing for more than 150 families in New Hanover and Pender County — most recently, for Ti and her family.


To sign up as a volunteer or for more information about Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity, please visit or call 910-762-4744.


Build America

Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity celebrates this Independence Day with the completion of the first ever Build America house. The home dedication ceremony takes place at 2:00 pm on Sunday June 9, 2013 at 3926 Prices Lane in Gideon Pointe at the Cottages at Cornerstone, Wilmington, NC.


As we celebrate the freedom and independence of our nation we thank you for your contributions which make it possible for Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity to continue to meet the challenge of offering families financial freedom and independence through home ownership.


Build America Product Supplier List







A thank you from Mini-Soda


“We’re a long way south of the twin cities Fargo, N.D., and Moorhead, Minn., but a mission trip participant from a college in that area says the Port City made the visitors feel at home.

Kate Gronewold wrote a thank-you to the ‘residents of Wilmington.’”

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